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Limit-less Navigation Possibilities

Skull-based Surgeries

Uniquely designed multi-facet probe allows uninterrupted navigation view while using endoscope. Say no to line-of-sight issue.

Frame-less Biopsies

Our intuitive software allows you to pre-plan your trajectory and navigated biopsy needle let you visualize he real time location of tip without any bulky stereotactic frame. 


Prone Positioned Surgeries

Our advance registration algorithm makes registration process very simple and rapid in prone positioned surgeries, saving your precious surgery time.


Pediatric Surgeries

With PediaTrack™ patient tracker you can perform pin-less navigation surgery including infants. No Electro-Magnetic navigation is required.


AVM & Aneurysm Surgeries

easynav™ precisely guides you to the neck of aneurysm.  With unique multi-slice view you can clearly visualise vessels during the surgery. 


Shunt Surgeries

Visualize your shunt during the placement with our navigable shunt. 

Multi Slice View
Smart Controller
Fiber Tracking
Automatic Image Fusion

Limit-less Navigation Possibilities

Biopsy Set
Standard Cranial Set

Navigate Your Instruments

easyNav™software allows the calibration of 3rd party instruments for smooth and seamless procedures.