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Neuro Navigation

The navigation system is based on optical pattern recognition technology which uses a stereoscopic vision camera to detect and track specially-marked objects. Unlike competitive systems which use mounting and unmounting of single-use components such as glions and batteries for each surgery, our product uses permanent autoclavable tools which makes it totally consumable-less navigation system.

ENT navigation provides enhanced visualization on a full high-definition drapeable touch display. An integrated endoscope and continuous tracking of surgical instruments enable surgeons to achieve better results through more complete resections.

Spinal Navigation enables reduction of X-Ray exposure to the surgical team and the patient. Through real time visualization of instruments, skin incision and trajectories can be planned with any instrument at skin level, for example, in routine minimally invasive lower lumbar spine surgery.

Cranial Navigation tracks tools in real time and displays their position in relation to the patient data. Surgeons are guided through procedures, helping to keep skull openings small and minimize damage to healthy structures.

Spine Implants

The only Indian product providing US FDA Certified Spine Products across the region. This product comes up with great instrumentation as it is developed by a strong team from mutli-national company pioneered in spine products.‚Äč


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