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Limit-less Navigation Possibilities

Key Features

easyNav™ ENT Navigation module combines best in class optical pattern recognition technology and intuitive software features into currently available image guided practices. Its uniquely designed Headband tracker eliminates the need of electromagnetic navigation and thus, there is no problem of metallic interference.


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Limit-less Navigation Possibilities

Revision Sinus Surgery​

Pituitary Tumor Removal​

Distorted Sinus Anatomy​

Extensive Sino-Nasal Polyposis​

Deep Seated Lesions​

Csf Rhinorrhea Repair​

Navigate Your Instruments

In addition to a range of pre-calibrated instruments, easyNav™ navigation software enables other suitable 3rd party instruments to be manually calibrated for navigation by attaching custom tracking clamps for smooth and seamless procedures.

Pre-Calibrated Instrument Set