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Limit-less Navigation Possibilities

2D C-Arm Navigation

Reduced X-ray Exposure with Automatic Registration

easyNav™ combines precision and simplicity to provide you best in class 2D C Arm based navigation experience. easyNavTM Navigation system is compatible with wide range of images intensifier C-Arms as well as flat panel C-Arms. Its Automatic Registration is well suitable for open, small incision and minimally invasive spine surgeries. It reduces X-Ray exposure to the surgical team and the patient by reducing the number of C-Arm shots taken during the surgery.


Limit-less Navigation Possibilities

CT Based Navigation

The easyNav™ CT based navigation is based on manual point registration and axial view makes it well suited for complex open procedures such as scoliosis. We use enhanced surface matching algorithms which eliminate the tedious registration process by keeping it simple and intuitive and ensures the highest degree of accuracy. Wireless control with smart remote eliminates the need of any additional personnel or touch-screens to run the system. easyNav™ navigation software also allows you to plan the pedicle screws for precise and safe placement of screws.


3D C-Arm Navigation

Automatic Registration

easyNav™ navigation software enables intraoperative integration of 3D C-arm for spine surgeries which allows automatic registration of intraoperative scan. The quick and reliable automatic image registration combined with pedicle screw planning makes your surgeries more precise and safer. Axial view acquired from 3D C-Arm ensures better accuracy in minimally invasive surgeries.


Pre-calibrated Instruement Set

Navigate Your Instruments

In addition to a range of pre-calibrated instruments, easyNav™ spinal navigation software enables other suitable 3rd party instruments to be manually calibrated for navigation by attaching custom tracking clamps for smooth and seamless procedures.